Affordable gift ideas for the stylish person in your life!

Jordan Interiors Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Gift giving season is officially upon us and it is bound to cause a few headaches in your life!  Before you break out into a cold sweat trying to figure out what unique gift to buy for that stylish person in your life, have a looksie at my ideas below.  From the mom who just wants one damn night of relaxation to your hip urban brother, this year's Holiday Gift Guide has you covered!


Holiday Gift Guide:  The Design Lover

It’s no secret that designers love a good coffee table book.  They look great on display and are perfect to flip through on the weekends while sipping your morning coffee.  Give your loved one the gift of design inspiration this holiday season!

Jordan Interiors Holiday Gift Guide 2017 // The Design Lover

Domino //  The New Bohemians // It's Beautiful Here
It's the Little Things //  The Art of the Bar Cart //  Magical World


Holiday Gift Guide:  The Entertainer

These gifts are perfect for the socialite in your circle or as a unique hostess gift.  I mean, who else is going to bring a porcupine toothpick holder to the party? Ditch the bottle of wine and give a gift that they will remember you by!

Jordan Interiors Holiday Gift Guide 2017 // The Entertainer

Book // Decanter // Bottle Opener
Buzzed Napkins // Plastered Napkins // Toothpick Holder // Tray


Holiday Gift Guide:  The Relaxation Seeker

Any one of these gifts would be a little treat for someone in your life who could use a night of relaxation.  Wine, a good book and a cozy robe will do the trick every time!

Jordan Interiors Holiday Gift Guide 2017 // The Relaxation Seeker

Wine Glasses // Book // Robe
Candle // Hand Cream // Bath Salts // Slippers


Holiday Gift Guide:  The Girl Boss

These gift ideas are perfect for the badass lady boss in your life.  Show her you support her hustle and score some major style points with these desk accessories!

Jordan Interiors Holiday Gift Guide 2017 // The Girl Boss

Agenda // Book // Key Ring // Scissors
Pencil Holder // Stapler // Slippers


See anything that strikes your fancy?  Let me know in the comments what you will be buying this holiday season!



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