Unique gallery wall ideas for your home.

In part II of my Art Styling series I am sharing a few of my favorite gallery wall and art pairing ideas.  If you missed the first blog post with my top tips on how to choose art for your home, click HERE to read all about it!  Art is so specific to an individual's personality and budget as well as each room's size and wall availability, so these exact gallery walls may not fit in your home but hopefully they will spark some inspiration in you!




// 01  Scribble from Society6
// 02  Grandeur from Artfully Walls
// 03  Knuba from Artfully Walls
// 04  Panther Walking from Artfully Walls
// 05  Magnetic Field 2S from Minted
// 06  Black and White Floral from Artfully Walls
// 07  Smoke Face from Society6
// 08  Untitled 1b from Minted
// 09  Sweet from Society6
// 10  Tremore from Society6
// 11  White Peacock II from Artfully Walls



Eclectic Art Gallery Wall Ideas // Jordan Interiors

// 01  Cheetah from Society6
// 02  Hummingbirds from Etsy
// 02 Frame  Gold with Beads from Art To Frames
// 03  Will from Faces I Don't Know
// 03 Frame  Dark Gold with Beads from Art To Frames
// 04  Leaning Ladies from The Cartorialist
// 05  Shape Study #2 from Society6
// 06  Striped Stone #1 from Artfully Walls
// 07  Tea and the Monkey from Etsy
// 07 Frame  Gold with Beads from Art To Frames
// 08  Persimmon Rains from Artfully Walls



How to choose art for your home //  Jordan Interiors

// 01  Balancing Act Four from Chairish
// 02  Pine Stripe Ribbon from Chairish
// 03  Tiger Rug from Chairish
// 04  Patience Is A Virtue from C. Austelle
// 04 Frame  Classic Gold Frame from Art To Frames
// 05  Pink Jagged from Chairish
// 06  Ghost Message Abstract Print from Inaluxe
// 06 Frame  Classic Gold Frame from Art To Frames
// 07  Three Lemons from Chairish
// 08  Mirella from Chairish
// 09  Panther Woman from Society6


Choosing art for your home can be a tricky business.  Need help with your art situation right now? Check out my styling packages and let's get to work!


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