Is your guest bedroom in need of a little refresh? Read on for my top 5 decorating tips on creating a cozy and practical guest bedroom!


Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas // Jordan Interiors

Guest Bedroom Decorating Idea #1:  
Think Like A Hotel

Let’s be real for a moment. As soon as a visitor opens up their suitcase it looks like a bomb went off in the room, so why add to the chaos with an abundance of tchotchkes and random decor? Think like a hotel, both in terms of amenities and style, and minimize the unnecessary accessories but stock up on extras like sleeping pillows, slippers, blankets and towels.  Another nice addition to the room would be a few magazines, an alarm clock, a small notepad + pen, and a nightlight because nobody likes bumping into walls while trying to find the loo.  Speaking of lighting, treat the guest bedroom as you would your own and don’t skimp on bedside lamps or sconces!


Guest Bedroom Decorating Idea #2:
Nightstand Essentials

Now that you have rid the room of all the cheesy “Be My Guest” swag (they already know that), let’s talk about what should be included on the nightstand.  Keeping the hotel amenities theme in mind you could include a box of tissues, hand cream, a vase with fresh flowers, new chapstick and a scented candle.  Travelling can be stressful and your guests are bound to forget something so why not create an inviting bedroom for them with their usual nightstand essentials.  Also, don’t forget to include the Wi-fi password in an easy to find location!

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas // Jordan Interiors
Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas // Jordan Interiors

Guest Bedroom Decorating Idea #3:
Bed Styling

I love a good pillow combination as much as the next gal, but do you really want your guests to have to put six throw pillows back on the bed each morning? Or, more realistically, find a place to shove said throw pillows for the duration of their stay?  I would limit the decorative pillows to one extra long lumbar or a combination of either two square throw pillows or two square throw pillows with a lumbar.  It wouldn’t hurt to have a nice basket near the bed for stuffing the pillows in each day. The only other item I would toss on the bed is a cozy decorative throw to add a bit more color or texture to the room.

Guest Bedroom Decorating Idea #4:
Wardrobe Basics

If you’re like us, your guest bedroom closet is probably full of your seasonal clothes and suitcases.  If possible try to relocate some of the items for the duration of your guest’s stay.  Empty hangers, a few cleared out drawers, and a small laundry basket can make a huge difference in helping your guests stay organized during their trip.  Even having a small luggage rack or bench at the foot of the bed is better than nothing!

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas // Jordan Interiors

Guest Bedroom Decorating Idea #5:

Surely I’m not the only one who stockpiles goodies from hotels?  I like to have an easily accessible tray in the bathroom that is full of toiletry items your guests may have forgotten.  Disposable razors, mouthwash, Q-tips, floss, etc.  I also include a few rolled up washcloths, extra towels and a new loufa because there is nothing worse than a bad lather when you are showering, am I right?

Hopefully these tips will help you not go into full panic mode the next time you have visitors coming!  Preparation is key so have a box tucked in your linen closet with supplies and replenish as necessary.


Is your guest room ready for visitors or is it a hot mess? Have any tips to share with us? Let me know in the comments below!