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ONE  //  TWO  //  THREE  //  FOUR  //  FIVE  //  SIX  //  SEVEN  //  EIGHT  //  NINE  //  TEN

Burgundy has been inching its way into my life piece by piece.  It first crept into my wardrobe (you can usually only find me in black) then into some throw pillows and now I'm looking at the rug above and saying how the hell can I bring that puppy home?? Sigh.  Usually reserved for the fall and winter months, I think burgundy can be used year-round by adding in softer touches.  Try mixing a wine-hued velvet pillow with a textured white linen one or bring in a burl wood table to offset a deeply saturated rug. Blush / Dusty Rose / Millennial Pink / whatever you want to call it, is still going strong in 2018 and I'm really diggin' the options out there right now!  Blush pink could easily veer to the cutesy, nursery side of things but when you add sexy curves + a brass base like in the slipper chair or strong geometric lines like in the planter, blush is anything but baby-ish!