Luxe Modern office - jordan interiors

Thank you SO MUCH. I absolutely LOVE IT!

I LOVE the concept! Such a sophisticated paint color :) Definitely interesting and it's reminiscent of black but not really black at all. Its going to look great up against that couch!

— A.L.

Boho Glam Bedroom - jordan interiors

"Dang, Jordan. You nailed it.

The room is absolutely perfect and I love the chandelier. Its the right touch and brings a lot to the room. I had every confidence in you that the end product would be perfect and it is. Thank you so so much!

— A.M.

Bringing your vision to life by creating interiors unique to your personality.

— Jordan


Beachy boho kitchen - Jordan interiors

"Jordan! Thank you - We both LOVE both concepts.

We will take some time deciding on final elements. We may also purchase the rug you recommended for our bathroom! THANK YOU! I think this is all we need from you for this room."


“ Eeeek!!!!!! I love it!

Eeeek!!!!!! I love it!

Absolutely love it. You really nailed my style and brought it to life in those pictures."

— Y.R.

Midcentury living room - jordan interiors

"I L.O.V.E. the final product!!!!

The pinks are just GORGEOUS with the navy/black/white......I literally love every single piece in these final layouts! The living room has everything I had on my wishlist!"


Preppy boho living room - jordan interiors

Can't wait to keep working together!

Hey Jordan, this is so soooo great. Thank you for making adjustments to the design based on my feedback. You have been so awesome. Thanks again!!!!

— D.L.